Buying a house on Bonaire: 7 points to take into account

You are considering to buy a house on Bonaire: fantastic! The first step towards a wonderful adventure has been made. There are other matters of interest in your search for a house on a tropical island than in a quest in, say, Houston. Take the next 7 points into account when you visit properties and you will certainly find your tropical dream house!

1. The position in relation to the wind

“A house on the wind”, as it is called on the island, is really important for your living comfort. Bonaire has a constant trade wind from the northeast. These strong winds can act as a natural air conditioning. This truly comes in handy on an island where the average temperature is 86 degrees! Therefore pay close attention to the most important rooms of the house and their position in relation to the wind. The porch for example, which in Bonaire functions as your living room, and the master bedroom, where the wind can ensure your night’s rest. And if that ain’t enough: a nice breeze also helps against mosquitos.


2. The land on which it stands: ownership or leasehold?

A house on Bonaire can be built on leasehold land or private land. Private land is, as the name suggests, land owned by an individual. Long lease land however, is land owned by the government and rented, or better yet, leased out. Curious to find out what the exact advantages and disadvantages are? Contact us and we’ll gladly inform you.

3. A cool house through optimal processing of warmth

The climate on Bonaire is different than most of us are used to. Needless to say – since it is probably one of the reasons why you are planning to move here in the first place. In this warm climate it is crucial to have a cool house. The construction of a house often plays an importent role in this. Some points that can help:

  • Shutters on the front and rear makes that the wind is able to blow through the entire house;
  • A high ceiling ensures the heat rises up and leaves the living area;
  • On Bonaire you live outside, the size of your living room is therefore less important than the size of your porch. Ideally, this porch faces the wind (see point 1) and provides plenty of shaded areas;
  • An overhanging roof provides shade around your home and repels the sun of the outer walls;
  • Houses on Bonaire are painted in every color of the rainbow. Light colors reflect more sunlight than dark colors and are therefor better in conducting the heath.



4. A storage room for diving or surfing material

No doubt you know that Bonaire is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. More than 1 windsurfing world champion made his first steps on Sorobon and the island is named the best shore diving destination in the world for over 23 years. If you’re planning to practice one of these sports, a storage room for your stuff is a definite must. An ideal storage provides space to hang your stuff, is well ventilated and has an outside sink. It is also useful when you can enter the storage from the outside so you don’t have to carry your wet gear though your house. Maintaining your equipment in a climate of sun, sea and salt requires a lot of love and attention. A proper storage is a good start!

5. The facilities for your guests

The same reasons you have to move to Bonaire, are the ones your friends have to visit you. Experience shows that they rather not fly a couple of thousand miles for just a cup of coffee. Guests stay longer and it’s wise to take this into account when buying a house. Besides additional bedrooms many properties on Bonaire have multiple bathrooms. This gives you and your guests just that little bit of extra privacy. Another option is a separate guest house. These rooms, often built as small studios, usually have a private entrance. An additional advantage is that you can easily rent this space out when you have no friends over.


6. Maintaining your garden 

In your search for a home on Bonaire you will see gardens in all shapes: fully grown to completely maintenance free. If you are interested in a house with a lush garden, pay specific attention to the way it is maintained. Because of our year round summer, your garden will need water every day. This is usually done through a drip system that automatically releases a certain amount of water in places where there are trees or plants. A drip system can be connected to the waterworks on your septic tank. The advantage of this is that you can reuse the water and at the same time fertilize your garden.

7. A detached house within reach

There are more possibilities with your budget than you might think! Bonaire has about 20,000 inhabitants in an area of 281 square kilometer. This equates to 69 people per square kilometer. To compare this number, in the Netherlands there are 409 people per square kilometer. Why this geographic lesson? It gives a beautiful image of the space that inhabitants have here. Almost exclusively people live in detached houses, from modest one-room apartments to huge villas. A detached house on Bonaire is within reach!

We are happy to help you find your dream house on Bonaire!

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