Kunuku Dos Pos 'Kalatoka'

Situated between the village of Rincon and beautiful Lake Goto. | Private Property

Lot:58.707 m 2


  • Private Property

Your own piece of untouched Bonaire nature!

This immense lot is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the island, just south of 'Washington Slagbaai' nature park and full of exotic wild-life. It has 58.707m2 of private property, of which 224 meters border the paved road, for a price of just $5.- per m2.

Zoning plan
The zoning plan states the property can be used as agricultural land. You are allowed to build on the lot keeping in mind what is outlined in the zoning plan.
On private properties you are also allowed to built maximum 1 residential home, exceptions are possible. It can have a maximum gutter height of 4 meters and building height of 6 meters. The buildable surface should not be greater than 350 square meters.

The lot is situated between the village of Rincon and beautiful Lake Goto.

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