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Reduced Price For Sale Private Property

Guatemala #13

Lot Size: 624m2
Object Size: -m2

$120.000 See More
For Sale Private Property

Bona Bista B11

Bona Bista
Lot Size: 936m2
Object Size: -m2

$250.000 See More
New Listing For Sale Residential - detached home

La Palma 64

Belnem – La Palma
Lot Size: 1086m2
Object Size: -m2

$995.000 See More
Sold Residential - detached home

Kaya Kuarts 10

Santa Barbara
Lot Size: 940m2
Object Size: 266m2

$545.000 See More
New Listing For Sale Private Property

Pure 36 #10

Bona Bista
Lot Size: 734m2
Object Size: -m2

$170.000 See More
Under Offer Residential - detached home

Kaya Oro 19

Lot Size: 1.053m2
Object Size: 247m2

$599.000 See More
For Sale Commercial

Kaya Lib. Simon Bolivar 22

Kralendijk - Center
Lot Size: 717m2
Object Size: 100m2

$995.000 See More
Sold Residential - detached home

Kaya Topaz 2

Santa Barbara
Lot Size: 1860m2
Object Size: 420m2

$795.000 See More
For Sale Residential - detached home

Luga Aleha 10

Bolivia - Luga Aleha
Lot Size: 108.716m2
Object Size: 450+64+215m2

$1.950.000 See More
For Sale Apartment - middle floor

Hausmann Follies Apt 12

Kralendijk - Playa Pariba
Lot Size: -m2
Object Size: 131m2

$449.000 See More
For Sale Long Lease

Kaya Mazurka 5

Lot Size: 725m2
Object Size: 96m2

$345.000 See More
For Sale Commercial

Kaya Amsterdam 1932 + 2255

Lot Size: 5.393m2
Object Size: -m2

$1.500.000 See More

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We know how important it is to find the perfect spot for your home or business. We will help you with each step along the way to find the property that is right for you.
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1. Getting to know you

We get in touch with you to know more about you, your hobbies, wishes, preferences and budget so we can prepare a list of properties and insights tailored for your needs.

2. Finding the perfect spot

Based on your preferences and availability we schedule showings at properties of potential interest. We can show you homes from our own portfolio as well as those from other realtors.

3. Negotiation

Once you have found the perfect property, we guide you through the bidding process where we facilitate negotiations between seller and buyer to reach a satisfactory deal for both parties.

4. Done!

Once a deal is reached between buyer and seller, we assist with the preparation in transferring the property including making sure everything gets legally settled at the notary, so all you have to do is enjoy your new place.

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