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Amazing piece of estate for sale (11.6 hectares / 28.8 acres)

Within the planned community of 305 hectares (750 acres) called Lugá Alehá, which means “a distant place” in Papiamentu, we have 2 large lots for sale. Access to the development is via phone-operated electric gate.

Lugá Alehá was created by a group of Dutch, American, Antillean, British and Canadian nature lovers in an effort to protect the land and enjoy it at the same time.
In total there are 22 large lots (11 hectares or 27 acres each) and six smaller ones of about 5 hectares each. There are also several protected nature spots, all connected by the association’s own roads; pristine Bonaire nature at its very best.

The group developed a set of land use restrictions which are part of the deed and will stay with the property in perpetuity. One of the restrictions is that lots can never be subdivided and a maximum of two homes plus several out-buildings can be built on the large lots (only one home on the six smaller lots). As a result, a maximum of only 50 homes can ever be built on the 750 acres. Another restriction is that there can be no clear-cutting of the land, so that it will remain a haven for birds, iguanas, Brazil trees and other native species. The land has been preserved for the future even though families have built homes and live there in privacy and with nature, very comfortable and off grid.

Lot number 1 rise easily 24 meters above sea level easily, thus catching our cooling tradewinds beautifully. From here you have an unobstructed and amazing wide view over our rough Northern coast line and its lighthouse. From here to our ‘downtown’ is only a 10 minutes drive and yet it is a world in difference!

Buy it as an investment in the future or to build your own dream home in this safe, gated, deeded, beautifully pristine environment.

Please let us show you around. You will definitely be amazed!


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