Kaya Diamanta 84

Possibility to own double lot: (1788m² + 1805m² =) 3.593 m² | Residential - detached home

Lot:1805 m 2 Object:400 m 2 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms


  • Rainwater cistern - 100m3
  • Private Property
  • Built in: 2004
  • Pool
  • Size Sundeck: 80 m2

Mansion on a hill side
This large property is built in a beautiful colonial style. It sits on a sloping lot which generates wide views all around. The Caribbean ocean and Klein Bonaire are focal points!

Large lot
The house is built on a large lot of 1.805 m² of private property. The lot in front is also available for sale with the purchase of the home. This measures an additional 1.788 m² of private property. Currently it serves as garden and to protect the view. But of course it is permitted to build on it. Asking price for the adjecent lot is USD 100,000.-. Contact us for more information.

Space & privacy
This home offers ‘tons’ of space and privacy. It is also designed perfectly for our climate.

Large entrance with parking
Entering the lot through the automatic gate you find enough paved space to park at least 3 cars.

4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, laundry, pantry
The front double door leads to a hall, which is connected to a semi-open corridor, alongside of which there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a pantry, a powder room and a spiral staircase to the loft. Each and every room is well sized; all catching the cooling trade winds beautifully.
This is the upper part of the home.

In the lower part (approximately 50 centimeters lower) the large kitchen, living room, master bedroom and covered porch are located. This large master bedroom has a walk in closet and an en-suite bathroom.

All materials used in this house are of the highest quality. Doors and windows are made of mahogany wood and are very well maintained.

Large kitchen with walk-in (!) fridge
On the down-wind side of the house we find the spacious kitchen, with all Siemens equipment (steamer, microwave, oven, ceramic cook top), a walk-in (!) fridge (which measures 2 by 1.5 meters), ample workspace and a granite stone countertop. Several windows provide enough light and ocean view!

Living room as pivotal center
The spacious living room is the pivotal center of this beautiful home. It has a very high ceiling and the loft is visible from here. The living room is inter-connected to the 2 steps higher corridor, as well as to the kitchen on the one side, the master bedroom on the other and the large porch on the garden side.

Wide covered porch
The covered porch stretches the entire width of the house and measures at least 80 m²!

Pool, garden, extra half bath
From here a double set of staircases reach the garden and the pool deck.

The large pool (8 x 5 m.) is a regular chlorine pool, easily turned into a magnesium pool. Next to the pool, underneath the porch, there is a separate half bath.

Pool and pool deck are well laid out in the beautiful mature garden, with frangipani trees, a tamarind tree and lots of palm trees. The complete property is surrounded by beautifully made steel bar fences of 1.20 meters high, combined with concrete pillars.

Rainwater cistern & lots of storage space
Under the left side of the porch is a cistern with a capacity of 100 m³ (!) rainwater, which is used to fill up the pool. Water is expensive in our dry climate; this home is designed to keep costs low!

At garden level, under the porch floor, there are 2 large storage spaces, each housing a pump (one for the pool itself, the other to pump the water from the cistern into the pool).

All in all:
* Adjacent lot of 1788m² is also available for sale 
* 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 separate half baths
* Pool
* and lots and lots of extra’s !

Don’t miss this house: you really want to see this one!


Floor plan

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