Kaya Amsterdam (warehouses)




  • Industrial storage
  • Garages
  • Long Lease
  • Built in: 1990

On Kaya Amsterdam, on the right side of Akkermans Auto Supplies, you will find 8 lots that measure a total of 5.159 m2. On these lots you will find 5 garage of each nearly 50 m2’s.  Next to the garages you're allowed to use also a large parking space of 550 m2. 

Behind this building there are 5 warehouse spaces of which two of them are 534 m2 big, another two of 420 m2, one of 360 m2. Some with offices in it.

In total the rental income of the 5 garages and 5 warehouses plus the terrain is US$204,000.- annually. 

Warehouse 2:  421 m2    (4-D-3423)
Warehouse 3:  359 m2    (4-D-3424)
Warehouse 4:  534 m2    (4-D-3425)
Warehouse 5:  538 m2    (4-D-3426)
Warehouse 6:  419 m2    (4-D-3427)
Lot #10:   854 m2    (4-D-3428)
Garages: 274 m2    (4-D-3431)
Path:       1.760 m2 (4-D-3421)


Floor plan

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