Kaya Amsterdam #23




  • Long Lease
  • Built in: 1990

Amsterdam Building right side # 23 (asking price $ 4.160.000)

On the ground floor you find one office that measures 117 m2 and next to it two other offices of 70 m2 and 28 m2. Here is also a hall with stairs going to the first -, and second floor. Next to the offices are two store spaces of 295 m2. One store has two offices in the back with a bathroom and the other has three offices , one reception and a bathroom. Going up the stairs you will find an office space of 221 m2 on your left hand side with 7 offices in it (and storage space, toilets, archives etc) and on your right hand side the office space is 565 m2 with 17 offices in it (and storage space, toilets, archives etc).

Up one more floor you will find 10 apartments with each one living room, one bathroom, one bedroom and a kitchen, two studios and one 2 bedroom apartment with one bathroom, a kitchen and storage space.

Annual rental income totals US$404,100.-


Floor plan

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