Kaya Amsterdam #21




  • Long Lease
  • Built in: 1990

Amsterdam Building left side # 21 (asking price $1.600.000)

The first floor is right above Akkermans Auto Supplies and has 16 office spaces, 1 reception, 1 archive space,  1 conference room, 2 hallway’s, 1 storage and 5 toilets.
In total this measures 400 m2.

The second floor has one hallway that connects all apartments with each other. Here you have 2 two bedroom apartments and 4 one bedroom apartment. All apartments have a living room, one or two bedroom(s) , one kitchenette and one bathroom. The biggest , two bedroom, apartment has two bathrooms. This area also measures 400 m2.

Currently fully rented.  The annual rental income totals US$158,340.-


Floor plan

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