Friars Inn

Let your imagination run wild with this iconic building in the heart of Kralendijk | Commercial

Lot:892 m 2 Object:619 m 2


  • Striking renovation opportunity!
  • Private Property
  • Built in: 1911

Friar’s Inn

Get your business noticed with this gorgeous renovation opportunity located in Kralendijk!

Friar’s Inn is a grand 2 story historical building built around 1911 with a lush garden in front.  The impressive structure is 619 m² and is situated on a lot of 892m² of prime real estate in downtown Kralendijk real estate.  With imagination and vision, the possibilities for this property are endless.  The building itself is created with coral stone and concrete in the traditional Bonairean method and in a neo-colonial style.  The imposing façade is sure to catch eyes when restored to its original grandeur. Ideally located in a high traffic area, the style compliments a variety of business uses.  Large windows on the ground floor allow in plenty of light, make for interesting architectural features while also making it an ideal structure for stores, offices, café or mixed use facility. 

See some potential, but need some creative ideas?  Draft plans have been created, call or stop by our office and we can help you explore possible ideas. 


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