Finca El Sueño, Zaruma, Ecuador

Residential - detached home

Lot:33.703 m 2 Object:266 m 2 6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms


  • Private Property
  • Built in: 2015 (#3), 2014 (#2) and renovated in 2011 (#1)

FINCA EL SUEŇO (‘the dream’) in ECUADOR

Tropical hide away 

        bed & breakfast  or 

                 organic fruit & vegetables plantation  or 

                           vacation resort

A true gem!
This can be your private tropical hide away, for you and your extended family or friends, it can also be your home and bed & breakfast at the same time! It can be your organic fruit & vegetables plantation. It can be a new vacation resort …. Or all of the above at the same time!

This property, with its spectacular views, serenity, nature, sun, all modern luxury and plenty of space, has it all!

Lot with amazing views over the Andes
Overlooking the mountains, “Finca el sueño” consists of three houses on well over 3.3 hectares (8.3 acres) of developed and privately owned land, full of fruit trees (bananas, mandarins, oranges, papayas, pineapples, mango and more), coffee and cacao plants, butterflies, birds and squirrels – and your own chickens!

The lot of approximately 150 meters across (at its widest) and 300 meters in length has a solid slope. The 3 homes sit on top of the slope generating absolute amazing views, first over your own green fields and further away over the mountains (the Andes range) in the distance.

Perfect climate
Due to its location very close to the equator (3° southern hemisphere & 70° western longitude) and its altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, “Finca el sueño” has a lovely climate with sunshine every day and temperatures between 18°C at night and 28°C during the day.

Easy to reach
“Finca el sueño” is close to the town of Zaruma. This is a lively and charming town, home to some 25,000 people, with everything you might want: restaurants, shops, a hospital, etc. It is a prosperous part of Ecuador, with a long history of gold mining.

Zaruma is easily reachable by car or bus. From Zaruma a bus leaves eight times a day to the city of Guayaquil. The people of Zaruma are friendly and easy to get to know.

One property with three houses
1. The ‘old’ house

The original (appr. 1980) two-bedroom house has been partly renovated (2011) with a new kitchen/living area and a new bathroom and toilet, and has a large workshop and storage area. Should you want to, this house can easily be converted into a 3 bedroom-2 bathroom rental home.

Part of the house sits on columns, thus leaving space below, which is now in use as chicken coop and storage.
Size of the home appr.: 11 x 6              66 m2
Bedrooms:               2
Bathrooms               1

2. The family house
The newly built (2014) main house has three bedrooms and a large open plan kitchen/dining/living area, two full bathrooms and a pantry. The best part of the house is the lovely large porch (appr. 50 m2) to enjoy the fantastic views.
Size of the home: 10 x 10                       100 m2
Size of the covered porch:3  x 10           30 m2
Bedrooms:               3
Bathrooms               2

3. The newest house
The third house (2015) has been designed with space and comfort in mind for a couple. It has one large bedroom, an oversized bathroom (double sink, shower, toilet, bidet and a 3-person spa bath), a large living room, which converts into a home cinema, a guest toilet and a large open kitchen with ‘cooking island’.
Size of the home: 10 x 10                       100 m2
Size of the covered porch: 6 x 10          60 m2
Bedrooms:               1
Bathrooms               1.5

European standards for building materials and utilities
Built to European standards, the property is suitable for a large family (or two, or three), or can be used as a Bed & Breakfast or guest house, with a location close to the town of Zaruma as a bonus.

The property is wired for both 110 and 220 volts of power - supported by its own transformer and stand-by generator, so no worries about a power outage! All houses have hot water and are wired for high-speed internet and satellite TV.

The property is secured with alarm systems throughout and an electric gate with remote control and lights along the driveway. Your car can be parked under a car port.

Room to expand
It is also possible to add more homes or cottages on this property.

Low costs
Living at ‘Finca’ is cheap: apart from having your own fruit, coffee and chickens, the local taxes and rates are less than $100 a year and utilities (electricity, gas and water together) only cost about $75 a month. 

Why sell this beautiful property?
Owners are selling property because they are moving to a new country for health reasons. This price is an absolute bargain!

Please contact us about this amazing property!

Lot size: 33,703 m2



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