Kaya Aleksandrit # 693

Private Property

Lot:800 m 2


  • Private Property

Building lot (800 m2) half way up the hills of Santa Barbara, which is a sought after residential area on Bonaire, with a view over the Caribbean Sea, and only less than 10 minutes drive from the centre of Kralendijk. 

This lot is located approximately midway the dead-ending Kaya Aleksandrit, on ‘the good side’ of the road, namely the ‘Klein Bonaire side’. This means: full privacy and maximum view on the porch side of your home!

There are some personal obligations and/or zoning restrictions related to the use of the lot. A rough outline of them:

* the property shall exclusively be used for erecting a dwelling house with a constructed surface area of at least 150 m² 
* there are some height restrictions
* there are some other restrictions concerning:
* roofing material (it may not be sunlight-reflecting), 
* total construction period (once started, construction needs to be finished within 18 months, 
* upkeep of house and lot,
* keeping of farm animals (not allowed).

Those rules only make sure that Santa Barbara remains to be the quiet lovely residential area it currently is!

Own your piece of private property with a view on Bonaire and start building!


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